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Why You Should Use
Reputation Strength


Today, customers search Google for businesses.

Increasingly, they choose a business based on strong customer reviews.


Reputation Strength is the #1 software to improve your online review status and business reputation.


And your reputation drives your revenue.



Convert your customers into a marketing engine.

Dramtically increase review ratings and volume.

Boost customer and revenue growth.




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Customer reviews are the single most effective bit of marketing you can do for your business.

Use Reputation Strength to maximise the power of reviews, dominate search results and grow your business. 

Customer Reviews are now driving your business

Customer reviews define your business reputation:

92% of customers read online reviews, and 68% trust a local business more if it has positive reviews

Use Reputation Strength to 
Generate New Reviews

With Reputation Strength, collecting new reviews from your customers is a breeze.


Reputation Strength can integrate with your existing CRM to access your existing customers.  As for new ones?


Reputation Strength allows you to generate new reviews through email campaigns, SMS, on-site kiosks, and customizable landing pages, giving your brand higher star ratings and a bigger presence on local searches.


Alternatively, simply check them in on a desktop or mobile device. Reputation Strength automatically sends a review request to your client’s mobile phone or email, scoring new reviews for your business directly on Google and Facebook.


Automatically Share Your Reviews

Maximize the power of your customer voices.

With Reputation Strength, your reviews are automatically showcased on your company website, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages, and indexed by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo for higher search ranking.

Take control over what reviews are seen online and where they are seen.

Don't leave it to chance.  Build and strengthen your online reputation with your control.

Manage Negative Reviews

Negative online reviews can have an impact on your business.


The increased popularity of social media and review websites means businesses need to be more aware than ever of what customers are saying about them online.


Fortunately, like complaints made in person, negative online reviews don’t have to result in lost business.  Instead, Reputation Strength brings complete awareness to negative reviews and helps turn them into an opportunity to attract more customers.

Consumers generally trust peer recommendations more than they trust advertising.

Each review posted online by a customer is a form of advertising for your business

What are Your Customers Saying About You ...

Manage Your Reviews to Protect Your Business

Don’t get blindsided by negative reviews.

Reputation Strength sends you real-time alerts so you can address customer issues before they escalate, turning frustrations into great customer experiences.

In fact, the Reputation Strength platform can send unhappy customers to a private form where they can share and vent their complaints.

These bad reviews are NOT posted but instead sent directly to you for follow-up.  So you can Quickly and Privately address customer satisfaction issues BEFORE they escalate or become public.

And Know What Every Customer Says ... in Real Time

Reputation Strength provides a single “Central Management Dashboard” for all of your customer reviews

The Console aggregates your reviews from all the top sites so you can easily monitor what your customers are saying about you — in real-time!

Then simply co-ordinate and manage team responses with simple status and notation tools directly from the Console ... easily and all in the one place.

Better online ratings increase revenue.  Simple. 

Use Reputation Strength and customer reviews to drive even more customers and build your business further 

Leverage the Full Power of Customer Reviews

Reputation Strength

The All-In-One

Review Generation & Management Solution


Review Monitoring 

Monitor review sites all from one central dashboard.  Instantly know what your customers are saying.


Review Generation 

Request customer reviews and send them to top review sites.  Email and SMS message for immediate results.


Review Management 

Solve and respond to customer issues from one interactive dashboard.  Address issues before escalation.


Review Marketing 

Automatically promote your reviews to get new customers. Automatically share to social media.

Given two products with similar ratings,

consumers are more likely to

buy the product or service with more reviews

Billed Annually
Billed Monthly
Billed Annually



Core Package


$329 per month

Equivalent to just: $75 week

$3,948 annually

Annual paid 12 months in advance



Unlimited SMS requests

Unlimited email requests

Auto-post to social pages

Individual Micro-Review Website


Review Monitoring

Review Generation

Review Management

Review Marketing

Connect Package


$429 per month

Equivalent to just: $99 week

$5,148 annually

Annual paid 12 months in advance



Unlimited SMS requests

Unlimited email requests

Auto-post to social pages

Individual Micro-Review Website


Everything in the Core Package





Complete Package


$499 per month

Equivalent to just: $115 week

$5,988 annually

Annual paid 12 months in advance
per location


Unlimited SMS requests

Unlimited email requests

Auto-post to social pages

Individual Micro-Review Website


Everything in the Connect Package



Social Posting


Billed Monthly

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