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Connecting Reviews

To Drive Business Growth

When businesses make their customers happy, 

their customers do their marketing for them.

It's that Simple ...


Reputation Strength provides an all-in-one software solution for Customer Based Review:


  • Monitoring
  • Generation; and
  • Management.

Because, in Today's World ...

In today’s interconnected digital world, online reviews hold more power than ever. In fact, they can make or break a small business.


Positive reviews can build your online presence and drive a steady stream of customers to your door. Conversely, negative reviews can act like an anchor on your new customer generation and even loyal customer retention. 


Reputation Strength helps you to generate new reviews and use your reviews to build trust and social proof.

Say Hello to Customer Driven Marketing 

Leverage the Full Power of Customer Reviews - Automatically

Customer Experience Drives Ratings

Reviews - both positive and negative - increase the credibility of both a website and product or service.


Reviews  alleviate doubt regarding whether or not the customer should make a purchase and help narrow down the options amid a sea of seemingly equal products and services.


Today, some 90 percent of customers claim that positive online reviews influenced their purchasing decision.


Reputation Strength gives you the power to drive positive reviews ... and influence customers to choose your business and service.


Ratings Drive Revenue

The more customers you satisfy, the more that will want to buy your product.


It really is that simple.


Out-rate your local competitors with reviews and online reputation - and customers are compelled to come to your business over your competitors.


In addition, reviews not only show consumers that your brand is trustworthy, they also have the potential to exponentially improve your business’s SEO.


So know you also have improving search engine listings  - which also drive customers to your business.


Social proof in the form of reviews help customers make a decision and feel confident about their choice

Have Complete Control

Reputation Strength provides you complete control over generating, monitoring and managing customer reviews.

The platform offers customisable ways to ask customers to write reviews for products and services they purchase.


So you don’t just have to ask for a review. Your actual ask could be worded in variety of personable, friendly ways depending on your brand’s voice:


  • Leave feedback
  • Share your thoughts
  • Tell us about your experience
  • How did you like your purchase?


All through either SMS, email, kiosks, or even your website.

Connecting Reviews and Business Growth

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