Reputation Strength Features List

Reputation Strength helps businesses get new reviews.  

However, Review Generation is only the first step in a full-circle customer acquisition strategy.


With Reputation Strength, businesses can use positive reviews to get new customers via search engines, social channels, and more, turning their customers into a marketing engine....

Review Generation


Collecting new reviews to enhance your social proof on Googl can be time-consuming.  For a busy business owner - it can beimpossible to manage with busy schedules.


Reputation Strength gives businesses a way to generate new customer reviews via SMS and email in an automated fashion.


More reviews, no extra work.

Features Included


  • Get online and offline reviews
  • Automate review collection
  • Get new reviews via SMS, email, business website, Facebook, mobile kiosks
  • Get new reviews directly on prominent review sites, with automated share review emails and reminders
  • API Integrations
  • Unlimited review requests (subject to normal business usage)
  • Automatic review reminders

Review Management


Reputation Strength allows your business to monitor and respond to your reviews from all sites in real-time from one dashboard, and filter their feed by various criteria.


Reputation Strength also automatically parks reviews with spam, slander, or any content that violates the review site’s Terms and Conditions.

Features Included


  • Monitor Reviews from various sites from one centralised dashboard
  • New review alerts via email and SMS
  • Configure instant/daily/weekly review alerts
  • Auto-park reviews with spam, slander, violation of T&Cs
  • Create and track custom goals
  • Respond to reviews from one centralized dashboard

Campaign Management


Users can create, plan and drive powerful SMS and email campaigns with just a few clicks.  Start campaigns for reviews and launch them instantly or schedule them for later. You can choose from a variety of templates or create and save your own.

Features Included


  • Campaign creation flow wizard
  • Campaign creation flow wizard
  • Create and manage campaigns for reviews and promotions
  • Create and save multiple email and SMS templates
  • Custom HTML templates with advanced configuration
  • Advanced campaign reporting

Review Marketing


Customer reviews and voices hold immense power.


Reputation Strength lets businesses unlock this power by creating custom review microsites for each business location displaying best reviews, updated business information, and the option to book an appointment or reservation.


You can now leverage ratings from online reviews to boost Google's organic search results.


You can also auto-publish your best reviews from all sites as content to any site you manage, such as your company website, blog, and social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Features List


  • SEO enabled custom review site with authentic reviews
  • Best reviews auto-posted on your website via API
  • Automatic posting of best reviews on social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn)
  • Rich snippets: Your website is displayed on search results with star ratings



Filter customer feedback however you want.


With Reputation Strength you can monitor reviews and by location and by source.  We calculate your businesses’ Net Promoter Score from reviews aand report website traffic, leads and conversion from review requests so businesses can measure progress and

Features List


  • Employee leaderboard
  • Reviews and ratings by source
  • Reviews and ratings over time and by custom hierarchy levels
  • Relative ranking of business by custom hierarchy levels
  • External Net Promotor Score (NPS)
  • Full statistics and analytics
  • Download reports in Excel / PDF

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