Review Monitoring

Understand, engage and respond to your customers.

In real Time.  From one place.


What Are Your Customers Saying About You?

Engage directly with your customers and solve problems before they become problems 

Customer Reviews Directly Impact Your Business


Customers promote. Customers criticise.

And not always with equal power and voice.


Reputation Strength lets you know what customers are saying about you across third party sites, then you can use this information to engage directly with your customers and solve problems before they become problems.


Monitor their reviews - All from the one platform.

Never Miss a Review with Real Time Monitoring

Manage your reviews from hundreds of sites all from one place

Monitor Your Reviews

All from one place 

Automatically collect, review and respond to reviews from your single comprehensive dashboard

One comprehensive dashboard displays all your customer feedback in real-time, and sends you real-time SMS or email alerts every time a review is posted for your business.


Filter these alerts by source and star rating so you’re only notified about reviews you find most critical.

Receive Review Alerts to Stay in Control 

Alerts are received in Real Time for ultimate control

Instant or Daily Alerts

With Smart Routing​​​​​​​

Decide if you prefer instant alerts or a daily summary

With Reputation Strength, you control receving instant alerts of new reviews or simply receiving the daily update.


Take action and respond to customers to improve and maintain your online reputation.




Understand Precisely what Your Customers are Saying

Easily filter reviews to really understand location specific trends

Start Listening

Make sure you are not blind-sided by negative reviews.

Reputation Strength allows you to monitor your entire company’s reviews.


Site and branch managers monitor their branch’s reviews.


Benchmark review volumes and ratings across business locations to make sure customer experience is consistently outstanding everywhere.


And understand where action is required to improve your business reputation.

Connecting Reputation and Business Growth

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