Review Generation

Reviews Drive Income.


Increase Customer Reviews to Increase Business

More Reviews Drive Customers to Your Business

Collecting Reviews Has Never Been Easier


Multiple Collection Methods means you never have to miss a review again


With Reputation Strength, you can collect reviews from your customers via email, SMS, kiosks at your location, on your website, on your social channels, or even through our individualised provided micro-site.


Alternatively, simply check-in clients and customers using a computer or mobile device and Reputation Strength automatically sends a review request to your client’s mobile phone, scoring new reviews for your business directly on Google and Facebook.



Automate Your Review Collection

Simplify Your Review Collection Methods with Our Automation

Send Customers Review Requests Automatically

Reputation Strength allows you to collect customer reviews automatically by providing advanced check-in and API technologies


In today's busy day, now you can request reviews from your customers and clients automatically.


Choose which method best suits your business and decide how soon after a transaction to send requests, and how often to send them.

Request Reviews with Complete Customisation

Personalise Requests to Enhance Your Branding

Personalise Your Requests for Ultimate Performance

Our Comprehensive Dashboard allows complete personalisation of review requests

If you want to personalise your emails or SMS messaging - no problems.  


You want to automatically send reminders ... got you covered.


You want to send different requests for different business locations .. also got you covered.


With complete customisation available, we can even personalise mobile Android messaging vs Iphone messaging!


Increase Your Reviews on Sites that Matter

Deliberately Direct your Reviews to Outweigh Any Exisiting Negative Reviews

Drive Reviews to Relevant Sites

Automatically Drive Reviews to Social Media or other Websites to Drown Out Existing Negative Reviews or Simply Out-number Your Competitors

Direct your new reviews where they are most valuable.


Spread great testimonials across your Company Website, the interet, or your social media pages.  


The choice is yours.


Track Your Results

Deliberately Direct your Reviews to Outweigh Any Exisiting Negative Reviews

Know How Your Progressing

Measure your results over time with in-depth reporting

Real-time reports show you how often your review requests convert into actual reviews.

See results with real time  reports that demonstrate reputational improvement alongside actionable insights into campaign data.

Monitor progress across locations, across employees or use extensive filters to highlight your most important information.

Let us know a bit more

and let's get started 

No matter what you are facing, we want to help you. With a supreme group of supporters, we deliver a dedicated, fast, and helpful customer support.

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