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What is a new listing worth to you in average commission?

The numbers made simple ....

At the end of March 2018, the national median value of a house was recorded at $570,249 by CoreLogic.

A 2% commission on sale at this median price is over $11,000.

For as little as $60 a week (or about $3,000 a year), Reputation Strength gives you the opportuntity to truly stand out online ... to get that listing and more.

3 into (at least) 11 .... that's a good deal ... Read on to find out more ... 

Vendors and Landlords trust on-line reviews as much as referrals

from family and  friends

So Turn Your Clients into your Marketing machine

Stand Out from the Crowd

Tired of everyone being rated 4.9 stars on RateMyAgent ...

Google is where vendors and landlords are looking ...

Look at a real life google search example for:

"Best Real Estate Agent in <insert your suburb>"

As a vendor or landlord ... who would you call ... the top one?  

52 ratings and 4.4 stars?

Reputation Strength gives you the tools to make you that agent.  And it is all largely automatic.

Get new reviews from vendors, buyers, landlords and tenants - automatically. Automatically feed them to Google, Facebook and Twitter and really stand out from your competition.

Earn Top Spot in Google Search Results

Don't waste your time on 3rd Party Sites where everyone is the same

Personalised Micro-sites

& Google Reviews

Your personalized business micro-site displays your reviews, optimized for search engines and indexed by Google

When prospective vendors search for the best agent in their area, your great reputation appears on page 1 of results.  When a landlord is seeking a new property manager, your reputation stands out immediately.


Do not waste time on third party rating systems where everyone has the same star rating.  Provide your office with a point of difference where you stand out from the crowd.

Control Your Reputation & Turn Your Clients into Advocates

Why waste your good reputation ... automatically share your success

Let Your Clients Do Your Marketing for You.

Automatically share your reviews to your company website, blog, Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Vendors are no longer sold on traditional advertisements.

The internet has given everyone a voice, and vendors trust other vendors most. To sell more properties, you need to stand out from the competition with authentic testimonials from real clients.

Use Reputation Strength to have your clients do your marketing for you and become the one everyone is referring to.

Increase Your Reviews on Sites that Matter

And Have Vendors and Landlords Call You ...

Drive Reviews to Relevant Sites

Automatically Drive Reviews to Social Media or other Websites to Drown Out Existing Negative Reviews or Simply Out-number Your Competitors

Gather new reviews from your clients via automated emails and SMS's sent to their mobile devices.


Intelligent deep linking directs them to crucial sites to post on including Google and Facebook.  BirdEye allows you to customize all text messages and emails.


Let your happy clients do your marketing for you.


Reputation strength lets you amplify positive feedback across the web and auto-promote positive client feedback to sites that matter to you.


Is $60 a week worth it to Secure New Listings?

It is Simple ... Higher Ratings Drive Higher Acquisitions

Stand Out on Google with Hundreds of Great Reviews

Get new reviews from home buyers -- automatically!

Reputation Stength sends your clients real-time SMS and email review requests at critical moments, like after your first meeting or after the deal is closed. Clients are directed to top review sites that matter most to you, where they can share feedback for the whole community to see.

Don’t let negative reviews damage your reputation

Monitor your online reviews from Google, Facebook, and Yahoo -- as well as real estate industry sites - in one place. Reputation Strength sends you real-time alerts whenever you receive a negative review so you can respond instantly and solve problems before they escalate.

Turn Your Home Buyers into Advocates

Let your clients do your marketing for you.

Reputation Strength lets you automatically share your reviews to your company website, blog, Facebook and Twitter pages. Stand out on Google with star ratings from online reviews beside your listings in search results.

What is your next listing worth?

Is it worth spending as little as ...

For as little as $60 a week, Reputation Strength gives you the opportuntity to truly stand out ... and get that listing.

An automatic system that turns your vendors, buyers, landlords and tenants into your self-marketing machine.

A system where you stand out on Google with your personalised micro-site and can automatically feed your Facebook and Twitter with your success stories.

A system that drives vendors and landlords directly to you - for about $60 a week.

The #1 platform for Customer Driven Marketing

Let us know a bit more

and let's get started 

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Reputation Strength to be that agent everyone wants to list with.

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